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  1. anyone plays anything by usher and ill stab them in the eyes with spoons
  2. thats it!! Thank you so much... you rock ::
  3. Hey guys, I was just at the dentist which sucked. And in between the drillings there was a song playing on the radio. It sounded like Bryan Adams, but im not sure if it was him and the lyrics said something about "its about forgiveness" and "im gonna move on without you" or "ive moved on withourt you" something like that. Then he sings "but i still miss you sometimes." I know that isnt much but i really really want this song. If anyone can help. THANK YOU
  4. Ive always likeed british humor MUCH better than american, Much more sarcastic.
  5. That song is great... so great
  6. Yeah, for instance, I work in a record store and I constantly see Cds comming out from artists who Ive never heard of obviously, but recently I saw this Cd from a tiny little girl, she cant be a day over 14, Nellie McKay. And a reveiw that they put on a sticker on the cd itself said something like "McKay has written this generations White Album" I just had to laugh... I mean seriously, The White Album? Shes practically a fetus, and shes gonna write herself the white album of our time. R I G H T
  7. Anyone who is supposed to be the "next comming of the beatles" is doomed. Plain and simple
  8. I like anything by Gigi D'Agostino
  9. I dont know about "best ever" and I agree with most on this list, and woulndt be able to choose just one, but one guy who is not on the list who very well deserves to be is Layne Staley
  10. My screen name is a song I love by the White Stripes, and 729 is my birthdate. Not very original I know.
  11. HAHA... watch the movie Love Actually and you will know why I am laughing at this song.
  12. Schism is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. And as far as A Perfect Circle goes I LOVE Judith....
  13. i met tsunami bomb at last years warped. double boo yah
  14. im going just to see tiger army and flogging molly
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