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Forever A Little Girl Blue

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Forever A Little Girl Blue

A beauty in her way she was

feeling inferior to all around

Pulling from her soul a phenomenal voice

Being alone was never her choice.

Searching for a love to embrace

finding solice from needles and pills

her fate it seemed to be the little girl blue

numerous fears and doubts seeping through.

Night after night the faces became a blur

sharing her pain and heartache with thousands

yearning for kindred spirit to entwine

desperate not to be the one left behind.

A beloved pearl to countless admirers

their love to her was never satisfying

she left with no indication and no goodbye

Many still wonder with questions of why.

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Thought provoking work, Jane. Raises that old question of what really brings fulfillment to a life? Talent, fame, financial success do not seem to be what it takes; though many seek those things with pointed diligence.

Thanks for this reminder to examine motive, by way of a fine wistful tribute, Jane.

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I wanted to compliment Sweet Jane on her poem specifically, which is really good (as always :) )

I don't know very much about Janis Joplin, but there is a strong story and essence of her in your words. Thank you for sharing Sweet Jane.

And also to compliment everyone who contributes their original works for us all to read, comment on and help improve (where asked for).

Without all of your contributions, this forum would not be as successful or alive as it is.

Thanks everybody! :D

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Thanks Ron, I felt at times I was writing about myself and people I have known in my life. I believe Janis was like all of us, wanting a love to fill her soul. The fame was never enough, as it shouldn't be.

I felt that Jane. I am a big Janis fan, and I appreciate your lovely words, on behalf of her, and the rest of us....

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