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Angel...please nominate it in the Songfactors' Choice Top Ten before Peaches gets sick of it. :)

It'd be great to have a 2006 song at #1 in our Ten. (I haven't seen Video 1 before either. It's more colorful).

Oh Old55, I have my 2 nominations already :( How about you did - how cool would that be?! :coolio:

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Farin, if you open it up in IE (Firefox and Opera somehow don't support the fast forward function) click on Listen to the Live Lounge, then forward to either 10 mins (and wait 3 or 4 to hear the start of the song) or 15 mins to get her in the first verse.

It's a really beautiful cover and reminds me how fantastic her voice is!

Thank You, Sue :coolio:

Yes I use Firefox and I didn't want to listen to the whole half hour...

But I like that version. it puts a whole new dimension to the song (It made me listen more closely to the text) and she does have a beautiful voice!

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