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Knowing Love

Sweet Jane 61

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I was so on love at least I thought I was at the young age of 13. And at that age I was not allowed to date but football games where a great place to be together if only for a couple of hours. And at 13 that meant the world. That is where this poem came from, a wonderful time and memeory.

Knowing Love

It was a late fall night...

The stands filled with cheering fans

But neither of us saw them in our world

In the distance sounds of football unfurled.

Your strong hand grasping mine...

feeling rough, yet wonderful

our fingers interlocking tightly

the crisp air numbing our cheeks slightly.

Little whispers to make me laugh...

the night was ours to share,

these moments to steal and save

feelings hitting like a tidal wave.

You pulled me closer...

your arms wrapping snuggly around me,

my heart pounding ever so fast

wanting this moment to last.

Tenderly you kissed my lips...

lasting for an eternity I thought,

you pulled back with a mischievous smile...

and I knew why I loved you all this while.

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