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  1. BUTTERCUP BANANA?!? i'm a flavor!
  2. anuzzer song! YOU ARE STRONG Breath in, breath deep. Try to decide what you wanna do with your life. Breath in, breath deep. Decide you don't wanna pick up that knife. Just push it away. CHORUS: I know how much life sucks. I know you don't want to go on. Just hold on a little longer. Soon you'll see you are strong. Breath in, breath out. Try to calm yourself down. Breath in, breath out. Don't let them push you around. Just push them away. CHORUS Take deep breaths. Just hold onto me. Take deep breaths. And soon you will see. You can't push me away. CHORUS Soon you'll see your strong!
  3. sorry 'bout that! messed up! heh!
  4. Sorry, guys... I just kinda got ticked. I love my mom, but I hate my dad <- don't ask!
  5. so happy! lol! yay! at least some people can tell i read! i actully started really reading when i was 12... i started with the harry potter series heh... heh... i think this one is bad.. but hey! i can still try! note: ending doesn't make much sense and i'm thinking of getting rid of it. APPARENTLY I'm so bored, sitting here, waiting for my time. I'm so tired, lying there, waiting to die. Has my time come and passed? How long do you think I'll last? Apparently, not long enough. CHORUS: I am so tired of being insecure. I knew this from a long time before. When will my time come and is it too late? Do I have to run or should I date? What is wrong with my brain? This questions gonna drive me insane! Oh, do you think I am vain? Apparently, you do. CHORUS Stop with your pity, stop with your hate. In this city I'm gonna need your faith. Help me drive out anger and insecurity. Drive out the hatred and bring purity. Apparently, you care. CHORUS Can I be anything or am I nothing? Can I run and hide? Can't I just disappear and not come back? Can I come inside? Apparently, I can't. CHORUS Apparently, not long enough. Apparently, you do. Apparently, you care. Apparently, I can't. Apparently.
  6. that is amazing! i wanna write like that! yay! baby! lol... sorry... i do know what love feels like.. it kinda sux...
  7. this is like the third forum i've put this thing on and both said they were good... but i want real reviews! i want you to tell me the truth! good or not? great or the worst thing you've ever read? TRUTH IS ALL LIES If I tried harder If I was better than this If I would've woke up I could've had eternal bliss But now here I am A lie CHORUS: A false person behind a false face Been lying to try and win this race But now I've been figured out And the truth is all lies If I wanted you to know If I wanted you to see If I wanted to show you I'd show you I was me But now here I am A fake CHORUS I've supressed these feelings for far too long I've lied about how I felt I've been going with this lie for so long I never had to deal, but I dealt And now here I am A lie and a fake Standing before you Help me change or are you a lie too? Help me change or are you a fake too? Let's change together Here we are: Two false people behind two false faces Been lying to try and win our races But now we've been figured out And the truth is all lies
  8. i would have to choose tre cool... he plays the ******* out of the drums and i wanna be able to play like that... i'm lame... go figure
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