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Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power (a short review!)


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I don't think a long review is really necessary for this great punk album.

Iggy Pop & The Stooges

Raw Power


Label: Columbia/Legacy

January 1, 1973


1. Search and Destroy

2. Gimme Danger

3. Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

4. Penetration

5. Raw Power

6. I Need Somebody

7. Shake Appeal

8. Death Trip

This was the third album by the Stooges, and it was the angriest album by the Stooges. In their self titled debut, they sounded a lot like the 60's garage rock n roll that was going on at the time, yet still had their own musical style. In their second album, "Fun House," that style was developed further, and their style became more energetic. In their final album, "Raw Power," the Stooges retained the energy of "Fun House," and at the same time, their sound became much angrier. This album was wilder, louder, simpler, and angrier than almost any music coming out of 1973. The album starts off with the furious rocker "Search and Destroy," which is full of youthful angst, and, as the album title suggests, raw power. The sound is very powerful, and it is raw and unbridled. The rest of the album follows suit to make a truly great album. This album laid out the blueprint for the punk revolution of the late 70's, and in my opinion, The Stooges did it better. This album is also one of the biggest influences for the grunge revolution of the 90's. If you have any interest in punk music, this album is essential.

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David Bowie was the producer (I think that was his role) on Raw Power. Iggy hated the results. I remember a quote from Iggy, paraphrased, that went something like "That F'ing carrot top ruined the album." As raw as it was, there was now some production value.

the story goes that Bowie was called in for a one day re-mix by columbia. they rejected the original mix and called Bowie to fix it. He spent one day on it at a very low tech facility, but it flew. The album has the eternal rap of having a terrible sound and production value.

Of course, Bowie and Iggy became friends and Bowie helped him with his career and many future projects.

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