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"MY" 5 Favourite Rock Guitarists


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Hi folks - just so you know, I'm going to list my favourite 5 guitarists and the key words are 'my favourite rock' and not 'the greatest'. There is no greatest guitarist.

When it comes to music, I listen to all the instrumentation right down to the subtle tap of the hi-hat. But being a guitarist for so many years, I'd be asked "Who's your favourite?" and most of my replies were "The Beatles" or other favourite bands. I just couldn't limit myself by ignoring the other musicians.

With that aside, I'll name you my top '5' guitarists that have done so much more than running scales up and down the neck.

Okay, I'll quit babbling and here they are in order ...

1) SRV - Stevie (and Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme) are the masters of playing solos with a groove. I could go on and on ...

2) Frank Marino - He was my first hero for fast playing. His live album with Mahogany Rush is one of my all-time favourite live albums.

3) Gary Richrath (REO Speedwagon) - More so of Gary in the 70's. His guitar leads are more melodic than most guitarists out there. Recommended listening - "Live - You get what you play for," especially the tunes "Golden Country" and "(Only a) Summer Love."

4) Jake E. Lee (Badlands, Ozzy, solo) - Jake was the one that replaced Randy Rhodes. The fans didn't give Jake a chance and what I've been told, Ozzy wanted him to play like that. Anyhoo, Jake just smokes in Badlands' first 2 albums.

5) Johnny Winter - My first favourite blues guitarist. His "Captured Live" album puts goosebumps on my goosebumps ... just amazing.

Okay, I wanted to ramble on but I'm sure you can fill in the rest.



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My favorites are as follows

1. Jimi Hendrix

2. Jimmy Page

3. Tom Morello

4. Eddie Van Halen

5. Malcolm Young

I was going to add Kurt Cobain, cus I like the band, but I just realized Kurts not very good, I could play any nirvana song on the guitar.

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I was going to add Kurt Cobain, cus I like the band, but I just realized Kurts not very good, I could play any nirvana song on the guitar.

That's precisely my point. It doesn't matter how many chords they know, how fast, etc., but what their (guitar) playing does to you. There are many, many guitarists who rate Kurt as one of their favs and yet many others slam him.

My favorites are as follows

3. Tom Morello

5. Malcolm Young

I did a list of '25' list year and Tom made the list. He's a phenomenal player.

I'm surprised you mentioned Malcolm instead of younger brother Angus. I will admit (and so do many others) that Malcolm is a great rhythm player, that's for sure.


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When I think of rock guitarists I think of lead men. Speed, overzealous harmonics and basically show-offs don't impress me. What does is a good lead solo that matches perfectly with the rhythm and has meaning. It could be a simple one noter as long as it hits just the right spot in a song.

The following are among my favorite lead guitarists but by no means the only ones I admire:

Joe Perry - Aerosmith

Mathias Jabs - Scorpions

Janick Gers - Iron Maiden

Glen Tipton - Judas Priest

Dickey Betts - Allman Brothers

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Close enough.

THAT is what I was trying to say, but I suspect you knew that all along.


He'll correct me just to see if I will take the time to explain myself. Keeps me on my toes though. ::

Here's my list

Eddie Van Halen

Eric Johnson

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Angus Young

Jimi Hendrix

Having to list only 5 is quite constraining. Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Steve Howe, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmore are all great guitarists.

"Strange Dreams" is the only song I have heard by Frank Marino, but the guitar work is good. I searched for this song for years only finding it on Napster several years ago. I've never seen anything in music stores by either Marino or FM and Mahogany Rush.

Peter Frampton's work on "Frampton comes alive" is also some really good guitar stuff, but that's all I've ever heard from him. Did he even make anything in the studio? I'm sure he did, I just never heard any of it. Kind of my loss.

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Does Angus do the solos?

I get those guys mixed up a lot.

I would probably say that I like them both equally though.

Yeah, he's the one wearing the shorts, sliding around on the floor while still playing the guitar. The first time I saw AC/DC, I had fourth row seats and rushed the stage, along with everyone around me, when they came on. I managed to work my way to the front where I spent the rest of the concert watching him play and arguing, although inaudibly, with a roadie who didn't want me bracing myself with my arm against the stage so as not to get totally crushed against the barricade. Couldn't he see that I was being pushed from behind? Or did he just not care?

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Always intraspective questions of what the individual chooses as their favorites, however, I'll give mine as well:

1. Stevie Ray Vahaughn

2. Jimmy Hendrix

3. Jimmy Page

4. Eddie VanHalen

5. Carlos Santana

6. Richie Blackmore

7. Robin Trower

8. Jeff Beck

9. Dickie Betts

10. "Classical Gas", Guitarist? (know the name if I heard it). Perhaps the greatest work of acoustic guitar I've ever heard. Give it a listen sometime?

I know I named more than five, and shoot me. You have to include all the greats! Perhaps I've even left some out, and only trying to give fuel to the fire!

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Here are my favorites (in no particular order):

1) Stevie Ray Vaughan

2) Keith Richards

3) Ronnie Wood

4) Jimmy Page

5) Mark Knopler

6) Joe Satriani

7) Eddie Van Halen

8) Bruce Springsteen (Darkness On the Edge of Town period)

9) George Harrison

10) Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser

11) Steve Miller

12) Lindsey Buckingham

13) David Lindley

14) Mike Campbell

I had better stop now...too many that I admire! :bow:

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Nobody mentioned Buddy Holly. Or brian from the stray cats or brian may, has anyone else ever hear Roy Clark play; other then on HEE-HAW... Roy can play some geetar. What about junior brown? I kmow it was rock guitar, but most of the post s have blues mixed with metal

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