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RSS feed for Music News

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RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a simple concept that for some reason I'm having a hard time visualizing. From what I understand, we can pull content from a feed and display it. This could come in handy for Music News when we move to the new version of the boards, which has RSS capabilities.

If you guys have any thoughts on what feed you'd like access to or how we should do this, please post your thoughts.


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The site gets slow because the users database is bigger than the boards can handle. Our solution is moving to a new message board system, and testing is going well with that. I do apologize for the technical difficulties, and can assure you we are working hard on a long-term solution.

I don't like to set timetables in computer matters, but we're pretty far along with the new system and I think we are less than 3 weeks away. We'll do what we can to keep these boards up to speed, but help is on the way. If anyone wants a sneak peek at the new system, send me a PM and I'll let you check it out. It will help us out with testing.



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