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Lennon remembers...


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Thanks edna...reminds me. I think I'll go back and *read that Playboy Interview again. It was prophetic.

*Then I can look at the pretty pictures, too.

On the night John Lennon was killed, hours before it happened, I went in to a 7-11 and bought the issue of Playboy with the Lennon interview. For once I can honestly say I bought Playboy for the articles.

I brought it home, turned on Monday Night Football, leafed through Playboy for a couple of minutes...then but it aside knowing I was going to enjoy reading the interview the next day.

I fell asleep watching the game and didn't know until the next morning that the world as I saw it changed. I couldn't bring myself to read the interview then...and to this date, I haven't been able to go back and read it.

People may think that is overly dramatic, but that's how I feel. John's violent death hit hard and something inside me is connecting that interview and his death. Maybe someday, but right now I still can't do it.

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Curious... and such a sad coincidence... I used to read some of the Playboy´s interviews, which were quite good. I remember I had that copy but I guess it was after the shooting... it is really a sad interview. Just as the words of the last record.

But the other interviews are interesting. I remember them from so long ago now... wow, how time flies... :P

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If any of you collect Beatle stuff, the TV Guide is having four issues come out...I recieved the first one today...with John on the cover.....It's a special tribute for the time they appeared at Shea Stadium in 65....incase anyone is interested, i thought i would pass this on... :shades:

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He brought the ideals of communism to the mainstream via his music, like Imagine. From Lenin to Lennon, true dreamers will always live on.

Communism? Ideals? Hell, I'm an atheist and when I heard Imagine I thought what Lennon brought to the fore were Jesus' words from his Sermon On The Mount. Of course Hoover's FBI thought differently. Blockheads!

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