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New Jersey sickens Ozzy


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Black Sabbath Gig Canceled After Ozzy Gets Sick

He has a cold, so the band wasn't able to headline the Ozzfest stop in New Jersey.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The members of Black Sabbath were forced to back out of a stop on the Ozzfest tour Wednesday night, after rocker Ozzy Osbourne became sick.

Osbourne, who recently revealed to fans that he was battling a cold, was due to perform with his band members in Holmdel, New Jersey, before becoming too sick to take to the stage.

Iron Maiden stepped in at the last minute as headliners, while fans disappointed at Black Sabbath's absence were offered refunds at the point of purchase.

It is not yet known whether Black Sabbath will be back on stage in time for Sunday's show outside Indianapolis, Indiana.

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