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Ozzy, "It was the bleedin' Big Macs"


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Ozzy: 'Super Size Me' Changed My Life

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne credits fast food documentary 'Super Size Me' with changing his life - because he now refuses to put anything unhealthy into his body.

Morgan Spurlock directed and starred in the 2004 movie, which studied the effect of fast food on obesity in this nation.

Osbourne was so horrified by the documentary; he hired a personal trainer, consulted a herbalist and dramatically altered his eating habits.

He says, "If you haven't seen it, then I suggest you watch the DVD 'Super Size Me'. It changed the way I live completely by altering my whole perspective on junk food and exercise.

"Now, I work out five or six days a week with an elliptical trainer. I also have a personal trainer that I work with. I started seeing this herbalist recently too.

"I'm now trying to put good things into my body after all these years."

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The only thing about SuperSize me that turned me off to McDonalds was the thing about how they used to use farmer rejected chickens to make their McNuggets. That made me think, everything there is so processed, what makes me so sure they aren't secretely doing something similar now? I don't really like McDonalds food anyway, I prefer The Giant Burger, which is right down the street. But still, good for Ozzy for deciding to become healthier.

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