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Songs With A Mellotron


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I noticed that your list was empty, and it was killing me. I thought of some you could add.

Sysyphus- Pink Floyd

Julia Dream- Pink Floyd

Tuesday's Gone- Lynrd Skynrd

Focus II- Focus

Focus III- Focus

Heart of The Sunrise- Yes

Close To The Edge- Yes

And You And I- Yes

Siberian Khatru- Yes

Grey Seal- Elton John

Dirty Girl- Elton John

This Song Has No Title- Elton John

Daniel- Elton John

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road- Elton John

Kashmir- Led Zeppelin

In The Court Of The Crimson King- King Crimson

The Story In Your Eyes- Moody Blues

The Watcher- Genesis

Strawberry Fields Forever- Paul McCartney

And that's just the extreme tip of the iceberg.

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John Paul Jones used a mellotron on several Zeppelin songs, No Quarter and Kashmir, most notably. I read an interested interview with him who knows where anymore.. But he mentioned that he hated using mellotrons live, because they had to get all the songs that used it out of the way early in the show, because of all the heat generated by the lights and whatnot, the tapes inside would stretch, and after long, it wouldn't sound right.

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