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  1. ..ch..gr...*gasp* It's John Lennon man. His best song and you credited it to McCartney? Shame.
  2. I think it's just due to age and stress. If you looked at the photographs from Meddle/Dark Side of the Moon albums he wasn't that bad looking.
  3. If you read the fact about that one, it mentioned that the Dark Side of the Moon(or at least the song) was the soundtrack to a movie, Zabriske Point.
  4. Yeah, you see, there was this commercial that had come on a year ago. The commericial was about birth control, and had various young women dancing about. The song playing, I'm not sure of it's official title now, but it went "There she goes, there she goes again..." Subconciously, everytime it came on I heard it as "There she blows, there she blows again..." For a few weeks, I had heard the song as that and knew the commercial was about female birth control, but never put the two together. When I did...hehe...
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