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Top 10 Patriotic Oldies...Are there More??

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what on earth is that ^^^ creature???!

btw we've got a ton of irish patriotic songs! too many to name but here's a couple:

A Nation Once Again

Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland

West's Awake

On The One Road

The Lonely Woods Of Upton

Kevin Barry

James Connolly

Follow Me Up To Carlow

Wrap The Green Flag Around Me


Four Green Fields

Only Our Rivers Run Free

Banna Strand

Meet Me At The Pillar

Galtee Mountain Boy

The Soldiers Song (National Anthem)

The Irish have great songs!! I just love the Irish, what a great race of people. Most Aussies have Irish heritage (I'm no exception) as the English shipped lots of them here as convicts 200 years ago.

Some Australian Patriotic Songs:

Waltzing Matilda - Banjo Patterson

I Still Call Australia Home - Peter Allen

Down Under - Men At Work

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi (this one is very popular) :laughing:

Advance Australia Fair (National Anthem)

Khe Sanh - Cold Chisel

And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - Eric Bogle

C'mon Aussie C'mon

And then there is Aussie folk songs like Click Go The Shears, Bound For Botany Bay, The Wild Colonial Boy, etc.

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

And may I also say that you Americans have one of the most beautiful national anthems in the world.

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Batman, at the risk of sounding patronising (which I don't intend to be, so don't take offense), not everybody wants to kill you. Its just what your Government tell you to justify its spending on dubious operations intended to make money.


Well that's a relief! So it's the government that is telling us we are hated? But that doesn't make sense, becuase wasn't there some controversy about some commercials Bush made himself, where he hired a bunch of middle easterners to say they love America?

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How about John Fogarty's "Fortunate Son", Bruce Springsteen - "Born in the USA", or Green Day - "American Idiot", Perfect Circle -"Let's have a War" - oh now I'm getting less classic and more post Bush --- what is more patriotic than protest? Vive La Revolucion!! :rockon:

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