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Lord of the Rings songs...?


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You guys know of anywhere i can get the words from the songs of lord of the rings. Im not talkin about the CD songs. Im talkin about the little diddys that they sing. Like...the road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began...blah blah blah. And the songs that Merry and Pippin sing always when they are on the tables at bars? Anything like that. Ive always wondered!

Thanks Guys! YOU ROCK!

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I dont know, reading..thats a big process.

Step one...id have to learn

step two...id have to purchase the books which means getting a job

Step Three...id have to save up for the books

Step Four...get made fun of for either NOT having read them, or im a dork im reading LOTR.

Step Five...find out the lyrics to two or three songs from three books, that i could have found by askin you guys.

Ive thought this whole reading thing out...it just dont work for me. :laughing:

Its ok though, you have fun now ya hear? GIT ER DONE!

lol, thankyou guys for your help, that link sent me to the right place. I found Smeagols Fish Song FINALLY! Tis a great song.

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