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Kings of Convenience


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Kings of Convenience


These guys are a great little groovy, relaxing, smooth, funky group I recently discovered and I love their mellow tunes. They're Norweigan and have this cool, retro, funky air about them. I love the tracks "I'd rather dance with you" and "Cayman Islands". When I first heard them I immediately thought Modern Simon & Garfunkel. Their new album is Riot on an empty street, that's the one I'm listening to but their debut is just as brilliant!

There will be few album titles which are more apposite than Kings Of Convenience's debut given the current trend for spare, acoustic albums at the moment. This Norwegian duo rely almost solely on guitars (steel, acoustic and electric) and harmonies to get their message across; it's been done before of course but rarely with such a keen ear for melody. It is difficult to pick out individual moments as the album works best as a whole but if one is forced to, listen to the delightfully doleful steel guitar intro to recent single 'Failure' or the vocal twists employed by main vocalist Eirik Glambek Boe on 'I Don't Know What I Can Save You From'. There's incredibly no mediocre tracks on 'Quiet Is The New Loud' but best of all is the final track 'Parallel Lines' which stakes a claim for sadness being the new happiness (sample lyric of romantic longing: "In my imagination you are cast in gold. Your image a compensation for me to hold."). It is the overall quality of the album which make nearest soundalikes Simon and Garfunkel seem like incredibly naive young pretenders.

I'm listening to them as I type this and they are so easy-going and so listenable, and really make you wanna just sing along and nod your head in a "feeling groovy" kind of way :headphones:


Quiet Is The New Loud

01 Winning A Battle, Losing The War

02 Toxic Girl

03 Singing Softly To Me

04 I Don't Know What I Can Save You From

05 Failure

06 The Weight Of My Words

07 The Girl From Back Then

08 Leaning Against The Wall

09 Little Kids

10 Summer On The Westhill

11 The Passenger

Have a listen here :headphones:

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yeah, im a fan, i was onto them straight away with their first single 'Winning the battle, losing the war' and then 'toxic girl' (which has a great coverbadly drawn boys excellent track - 'once around the block' on the b-side) the new album 'riot on an empty street' is excellent. that single 'id rather dance with you" is excellent, really catchy.....they've got great melodies.....here's hoping they get some recognition for their good work

"i opened my eyes, and to my suprise....there were arabs with knives at the foot of the bed......Right at the foot of the bed"

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