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Anyone heard of Default or GreenWheel?

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I recently went to a concert in Chicago, IL with my sister and our dad...and participating in the concert was Injected and Greenwheel(the starting bands), and Default the main band. They were very good, Injected i didnt like as much, but Default and Greenwheel really surprised me. After that we immediatly bought their cds, Default-The Fallout, and Elocation, Greenwheel-Soma Holiday. I encourage everyone who prefers a rock with a touch of a bluesy sound. They are very talented and performed really well!!!


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Yeah I play in a band out of St.Louis,MO where greenwheel comes from we have some of the same friends. Check out St.Louis,MO networking on ( get the word out ) and youll find out a little bit about us. Hit me back after you read my post.

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT. :rockon:Joey,threesixtysmile, :drummer:

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i actually saw Greenwheel in concert about 4 months ago. They were awesome. one of our radio stations here put out a bootleg cd w/ a bunch of bands on there when they played in the studio, and Greenwheel has a couple of songs on it. that's how i heard of them, and my friend's band opened for them.

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