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  1. i actually saw Greenwheel in concert about 4 months ago. They were awesome. one of our radio stations here put out a bootleg cd w/ a bunch of bands on there when they played in the studio, and Greenwheel has a couple of songs on it. that's how i heard of them, and my friend's band opened for them.
  2. I just got that cd a couple of weeks ago, and i like it. the rest of their songs aren't as upbeat and catchy as This Love and Harder to Breathe, but i enjoy it. it's a good chillin & relaxing cd
  3. actually, i know their manager, he's a pretty good friend of mine. i've met the guys quite a few times and talked with them at some of their shows, but we're not close or anything. i'll let my friend know and have him check out your site! let me know if anything happens, k?
  4. This band knows how to rock! If you get the chance, visit their website @ brokensunday.com. They've already opened for awesome bands like Greenwheel, 30 Seconds to Mars, & RA and they won a local rock competition in West Michigan and are heading to NYC soon to play at CBGBs. Check them out!!! :guitar:
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