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Hey kids rock and roll!


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All right so I'm making this CD for my twentysomething nephew--sort of a musical tour through the ages, with songs from the 60's through today (and hey I just thought of the title--Rico Rockin' Thru The Ages!--yeah I am one wild and crazy hipster uncle, no? :coolio:, and oh by the way as soon as it's finished it will be available as a Songfacts premium-- hey it costs money to keep this site going!--along with my other collections--my way cool R&B CD, Play That Funky Music, Rico! as well as my holiday compilation, The 12 Days of Rico, featuring Wayne Newton's classic version of Lennon's Happy Xmas :thumbsup:.)

Okay, here's where you come in, kids, (no Daniel, don't try to sneak out of the room or no hockey for you this week ::) Now I can easily handle the 60's and of course the 70's (though I am torn between Seasons In The Sun and Alone Again Naturally--oh, I know, why not include them both!), the 80's are manageable (hope he really likes U2), and I can fake my way through the 90's (thank God for Weezer!), but I must admit I am a little like a lost puppy (aw! :() when it comes to today (oh don't snicker you young hooligans, you'll get there someday! ::)

So, anyway, I am asking you hip, young things out there (and no Amy I'm not talking about you, and besides I'm still smarting from your last recommendation of Eminem's version of The Wheels On The Bus--"The wheels on the bus go round and round, and crush my mother to death, yeah, I wish" :beady:) to please give me some suggestions for good contemporary rock and roll so I can fool my nephew into thinking my musical knowledge didn't basically run dry in, like, 1985 (well, OK, 1983!) (But oh that can backfire--like when I mentioned I really like Modest Mouse, he said, yeah they're great, oh but how about the new one by Trashmouth, or whoever, and I just have to kind of nod and smile.) And for your assistance, you just might get a copy of the CD in your Xmas stockings! :doh:)

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OK, well the best song around right now, as in 2004, is

Mr. Brightside-The Killers

Some other great songs from the new Millenium are

Show Me How To Live-Audioslave

Melt Into The Walls-Pilate


Weapon-Matthew Good (only the best)

Alone In The Universe-David Usher

Get Your Hands Off Of My Woman-The Darkness


Just The Way I'm Feeling-Feeder

Ocean Spray-The MAnic Street Preachers

Okay that is baqsically some of the best stuff from the New Millenium.

If you havent covered the grunge era, here are some of the best songs (mainly 1990-1995) I am most definetly NOT a grunge pro, so everyone correct me here.

Pennyroyal Tea-Nirvana

Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden

Something In The Way-Nirvana

Jeremy-Pearl Jam

Then some other great aongs from the early 90's

Learning To Fly-Tom Petty

Civil War-Guns n' Roses

Under The Bridge-Red Ht Chili Peppers

Give It Away-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Enter Sandman-Metallica


From Here To Eternity-Iron Maiden

I dont know much 80's so ill leave that to the others.

I hope I helped out Rico :)

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Good lists guys! :thumbsup: I can't really think of anything other than the Killers, The Strokes, White Stripes or the Hives, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, maybe the Distillers. The F-Ups are pretty cool too, as are snow patrol, Muse, Travis, Coldplay and Keane. Then there's Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters and Kings of Leon. Depends on what sort of music you're looking for specifically from the 00's Rico :)

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I would say, the following songs:

White Stripes: (these songs, off the CD "Elephant" have a classic blues rock feel to them)

1. Black Math

2. Ball And Biscuit


1. Show Me How To Live

2. Free

3. Cochise

The Darkness:

1. I Believe In A Thing Called Love

2. Get Your Hands Off Of My Woman

3. Black Shuck (even though the riff is a direct ripoff of AC/DC's "dirty deeds done dirt cheep")

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