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I don't write songs, but have talked to many people who do in order to get information for Songfacts. One thing I've learned is that great songs often happen when you're not looking for them. You can go to the Berklee School of Music, take some philosophy classes, learn about phrasing, and still have nothing interesting to write about. Then you could have your emotions mangled by a girl and write something brilliant. Janis Ian summed it up best when she told us - "You can teach the craft, not the inspiration."

Carl :thumbsup:

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Okay, one night about a year ago I got really bored so I grabbed a notebook and started writing I've written a *few* little things since then (about three notebooks worth) now about 25% (conservative estimate) really really suck, (I write a lot of them when I'm really tired at about 3 am but every now and then i look at it the next morning and say "hey it isn't god awful!" here's an example

(note: I like to write like Michael Stipe(also I like to have fun with my lyrics, like Stipe, they don't have to make that much sense) and Kurt Cobain do/did, which is it doesn't have to follow a strict syllable format, just has to rhyme (mostly) and you can make it fit by articulating it weird)(also I've never let anyone look at my notebooks before so, please don't make fun of me =:P) so without further ado here's a song about a day passing by that I call

"Out Of Time"(yes I was listening to a crap load of R.E.M at the time)

I'm out of time

the message/ is in this rhyme

bleedin' alkaline

the night will shine

I'm stuck inside

sun tries to hide

why are you shy?

Moon won't get by.

I'm still unhappy

moon so close to me

Froze(n)(in)* the ice

the heavens entice

turn out the light

we'll face the night

glowing neon

night is gone

day is fun

save the sun

evenings musk

will wait 'till dusk

Restless evening

stars are creeping

Break into night

pitch black sight

the witching hour

midnights flower

dawn will break

the night foresake

early morning

owls foreboding

Meet you in the day

you don't have to stay

skylit by moon

you left so soon

scarred by star

I know who you are

stuck beneath the heavens

bet on lucky sevens

lost in the stratosphere

I won't stay in here

Dusk, dusk to dawn dawn to dusk, I'm out of time.

*pulled a little Cobain/Vedder there, sweet huh? =:P

there it is, if you don't get it listen to R.E.M's "Low" and "E-bow the letter" I was going for that mellow mood.

Please don't make fun of me I already know that I'm a dork, whereas if you like it as I said before I have about 210 more(yes, I'm a dork with a lot of time on my hands) :jester:

Bottom line though, what do you think?

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Here's another, it's not quite finished, but I'm pretty proud of it, it has pretty good lyric structure, and all that stuff, at the time I was listening to Radiohead and R.E.M (I think that Michael Stipes my idol, but I can't be sure)

Not My Boss

Sure, you might be so large

How does that put you in charge?

You govern with fake authority

Demonizing the minority

Go, ride you magic oil barge

'Cause no one tops your seniority

I totally agree with you sarge

50 tons of metal in my garage


You say that you're the boss

In control of all the chaos


Protest, it goes to show

you're not my boss

you caused the chaos

The great conspiracy plan

Great Mother turned and ran

One and only natures killer

Calm the masses with useless filler

passing the buck makes him a man

Religion, your supposed pillar

Now we can go to Alaska to tan

Quite frankly, I just ain't a fan


There it is so far, I want to add some more verses to it, but I really like it, the lyrics all fit together like a puzzle, but each line is completely standalone and has an entirely different meaning in itself. :rockon:

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Despite the fact that I started this topic, I haven't written anything in SO long. I was going to write something this morning, but I didn't have the energy... and at the current moment I'm not at home, so I've got no chance of doing anything...

Love to, though... I just mustn't. Not yet, anyway.

The last thing I wrote went something like this:

Cyanide, immoral suicide

To get back to your side

Back where we both belong

Blood-soaked tears, claimed back through the years

Praying all my fears

Once fertile now prove wrong

I didn't like it when I wrote it, I don't like it right now, so I guess nothing changes..

Love and mercy (and with that said, I wish I'd written that song!)


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Not with the wish of repeating myself from thoughts in previous threads, I'll succinctly answer this one by saying that I started songwriting when I was 16 (about two years ago) and have been doing so on and off ever since.

I've written what I see as a better one somewhere around, though, sampled lyrics include those below:

Vaporescent tears of memories

Cruoric perspiration leaves

Suppurate external masterpieces of my mind

Rape the inner distribution

Of a simplistic solution

Subcutaneous profusion of a pain that drove me blind

But that's not my major project right now, I'm pursuing non-musical interests currently, so I don't know if, what or who I'm going to do in the near future.

Love and mercy


wow thats excellent, where did you learn to that? :rockon:
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Nah, I'm not 14. You're thinking of the 14 year old person... and that's not who I am.

I should keep up the writing. In fact, I'm thinking of writing something right now.

But maybe not until after the football!

oh okay cool, wow your 18? i thought you were like 14 or something, enyho well done, i would definatly keep up the writing if i were you, well done :thumbsup:
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It's on RTÉ as well? Yeah, that's the one.

Lookin' a good match so far. Not that I mind who wins. *cough cough* *mutters under breath* Come on Porto!

Mel's not bothered, though. She'd just rather sleep. Imagine her face when I told her that Porto won! A... frickin' picture, man!

Of course, neither team is currently winning, nor has won. So... make up your own mind.

Porto just gone 2 - 0 up, as well! Gahahah!

Love and mercy


Edited to add: I'm hijacking my own thread with non-thread-related responses. Gahah!

As monoco and POR? i'm watching it too on RTE as a matter of fact :)
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I'd rather my better threads were kept alive and everything by whatever method is needed!

Nah, you're right. RTÉ are the best. I can't think of anyone who would possibly be better than them.

But yeah, you should definitely be watching it. 3 - 0 now! Hurray!

Anyway, no worries about the thread hijack! All these threads are inherently aimless, anyway!

Love and mercy


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Thanks, now if only i could understand football, okay say your a guy right? or am i misleaded? anyway, you see i'm going to the pictures on sat with Dave, ahh i love him so much, but he thinks i just like him as a mate :( what should i do to let him know im madly in love with him???? :stars:

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Certainly last time I checked I was a guy. I hope I haven't changed in that respect!

I'm sure all of this belongs on another thread somewhere. Hey, let's go and set up the relationship and other angst-related problems thread!

Whaddaya say?


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Cheers, Scott. Needed doing!

Strange and odd discourse though, I don't mind, tis my topic, I guess... do I officially own it?

Yeah, I've been concentrating a lot more on the vocab of my songs lately for some reason. There's a world of strange stuff out there for me to explore in that department. I'm enjoying looking into it, as well, but I'm just tired of wanting to do it at the moment..

Love and Hershey's


Scott boldly steps into action and returns this thread on topic.... Bobo, nice songwriting, its pretty structured (more then mine) and nice vocab :coolio:
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