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I Can't Stop Lovin' You

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Does anybody remember a song that was popular in the late '60s or early '70s called "I Can't Stop Lovin' You"? It's not the same one by Ray Charles. This song was by a group called "Group Therapy" (I think that was who it was by, anyway). I only remember snatches of the song. The first line is "I can't stop lovin' you, no matter what I try to do". I never could understand the second line but the next line is "accompanied with-a sleepless nights". Then, it says "baby, I was wrong. Love you girl so long".

I don't remember what the second verse says but the chorus says, "Listen to me. I need somebody. Listen to me. Somebody, help me. Somebody, please!" Something like that. Does anybody know the words to this song exactly? Did Group Therapy record this song? :help:

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Hi aurora. I couldn't find a song based on the lyrics given either and I believe Group Therapy did a song called "Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby" in 1969 but I couldn't find any lyrics for it.

One song called "I Can't Stop Loving You" was written by Don Gibson and is the one done by Ray Charles among others but there are many other songs with the same name written by different people.

There is another song called "I Can't Stop Lovin' You" ('Loving' is spelt differently). Here is a list of artists who wrote/performed it but again I couldn't find lyrics for any of them. List

I think Bluesboy posted that link before but the post is gone now ::.

Anyway hope that helped some. :)

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