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For thoose of you who don't know who these four gentle men are, I will inform you. I would like to introduce to you all Orem, Utah quartet emo/indie rocker The Used.

The Used are an awesome band, with an awesome vocalist.

Burt McCracken (you may rember him, from MTV's The Osbournes, he dated Kelly. Burt has been said to be one of the better lyricist of this time. He can, out put his voice to high points that are just remarkable.


Bert Pure Rage

Much known for there self title (and there first) and Maybe Memories both have had a wide variety of songs. From hardhitting anthems like On my Own,and Blue and Yellow, to a hard hitting rock song, like, Taste Of Ink, and Burry My Self Alive.

When you hear there music its almost as though its posessing you to just stair into the eyes of someone. Between Burt McCraken, Quinn Alman( guitar, excellant Riffist), Jeph Howard(bass, PowerPounding Temps), to Branden Steineckert (drums that make the dead wake).


Jeph Howard


Branden Steineckert

You can hear the friction they all put into there music. They are influences on many rock bands, out now ( such as MY Chemical Romance). "The Used have been a big inspiration to me, as Green Day was to punk/political rock. "there style set the bar for emo/indie". Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance ( vocals).

The Review

There Recent Debut Love and Death, has been nothing short of a awesome soundtrack to the average teenage life.Some how the Used have gone in a mellow direction. There are some good things about this and some bad things.

For one lyrics are still excellant but they don't reach, the point of were you see a complete song, to were your expression is whoah. There was Little Screeming Vocals from Burt and Little Guitar from Quinn.


Quinn Alman ( guitar)

The Overview

I know there are only one of you Quinn, but you could have added more feeling into your guitar. Although each track actually has good sound quality. It sounds a bit Half-Assed, and can't suffice the need for more.

The trade mark song of the album, "take it away" makes you expect a decent cd which it does. But it keeps you craving more. Other than that I would Have to say that the Used are an excellant band. I would hate to have to follow themafter they perform. But they need to get back in the direction they were at.


I recommed you Pick it up. But before you do take a look at there other albums before this one.

:D:D:D:D /5

Don't Forget To Check Out there Site

All Info and Images were obtained from the followig site



Google Image Search

Alright Hows That, For a Comming Out Review?please let me knowmusicpicks6-1.jpg

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Hi NoFuture, I see your name fits perfectly for how you'll do on these boards.

1. Wrong forum, this belongs in "Get the Word Out"

2. You cannot use CAPS for UBB Code marks

3. You're not supposed to post more than 3 images in one post

4. I'm not sure of this one, but when I think of it, I'll get back to you

Thanks for reading the Rules thread first though.

This thread = :thumbsdown:

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