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Fantasy Football 2016


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Sorry guys, I'm trying to start a new league via Yahoo reinvites. Seem to be having some troubles with it, so pardon the spam you may be getting. Going to reinvite last year's 8 players and if anyone else wants in, let us know here.

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Ok, well I hope everyone from last season will have a chance to pop in. We had 8 last year.

Now, this was my first time to invite players directly from Yahoo, so I can't be 100% certain I have done everything correctly yet. Check Yahoo mail for an invite first; not sure if one came or not, but the league is showing everyone as registered so I think all you need to to is go to the Yahoo! Fantasy Football page, find the league, and confirm it shows you there, then bookmark it for draft and play.

Here's the URL: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/594345

The league name seems to be frozen so far and I can't seem to find a way to change it yet: Songfacts Football 2015

Be sure to post on here if and when you are able (or aren't able) to get in. If we don't have enough players by the end of the month then we'll scrap the whole thing this year, so get back to us asap, please. We are leaving for Ireland on Sept. 1 for about a week, so let's get our confirmations, draft choices, and draft all done before then. Preferably a couple days before.

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Ok, that's 6 ... Carl, Kenne, Carole, Blues,Phil and myself. Thanks for the quick feedback. RJ ? Are you wanting to play this year?

No problems connecting with the league, et al? Sometimes I'm amazed at how much easier it has become, and at others, stunned by how complicated something once rather simple now is (if you overlook a tiny step, etc.)....

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Well, hmm. 6 people only interested this year. Quite honestly, that's really not going to be a very fun league. If even one or two of the 6 were to become busy or lose interest here and there, it's even less so. I'm thinking we should just give it a pass this season then, and hope for a bit more interest next year? I realize folks aren't popping onto this site as much as they used to so catching attention can be a bit trickier now and it can be just a matter of timing. Alternatively, we could start once the season begins, but unsure if that even would help. No CanAm, Sammy, Rocky, nor RJ -or even another Songfactor ? Either way, I'm quickly running out of time to properly commish the beginning of the season, so there's that as well. 

Any thoughts?

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