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I'm sure this will all work out. As mentioned in another thread. People resist change. It's human nature. I miss all the little boxes and stuff that made posting stuff easier. And the shout box full of insanity. I never paid attention to the post count. Probably never will =:P .

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Hey Carl!
If you're talking about that button with the 3 bars nothing happens when I click it. Strange stuff. To view my profile I have to click on my own name from a post but the log-out option isn't there.
I've always logged in with my username so that was never an issue and posting is fine too (obviously!) ;)
So I'll just go along without sign-out. Seems it signs me out automatically if I'm not active for a day or so. (I think)
I'm guessing my gaming device (which is a hybrid of a phone & desktop browser) seems to have trouble recognising certain things. Luckily it's nothing major!
Keep up the good work Carl & Zhivko , oh masters of all that is great and holy at SF!! :bow:

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Carl, I guess there's stll some fixing to be done...?

Quoting isn't the same, the replies have quotes sometimes and I cannot understand how the colours work...   

​Hey Edna. Looks like there there are 2 different ways to quote - you can click the "quote" button in the previous post (that's what I did here) or click the big " icon in the toolbar. As for colors, highlight what you want to color and click the big A with a line under it in the toolbar.

Let me know if this makes sense - this version of the boards is new to everyone and we're still learning about it.

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Hmm.  It'll take some getting used to, as I rather preferred how the old board didn't have the same cookie-cutter look as the few other forums I keep tabs on, but as Bob Dylan once sang, the times they are a-changing.  I'm sure this place will feel like normal in no time.

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