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New Look Comin'


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Fusion served us well, but it's time to move on to new message board software. Same great posts and people, but new look and different functionality.

We expect a few bumps, but we're doing everything we can to make sure as much as possible translates over when we do the move. :afro:

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Yeah, I also remember "The Big One." Took years of therapy to recover :content:

This one should be a lot better. We've built a sandbox and are testing, and it's going pretty well. A lot of it is Zhivko and me learning setting and features.

There will be some bumps, but the conversion process is a lot smoother than last time we tried, and other Fusion boards have made the switch successfully. Getting closer...

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I think Edna's getting senile in her old age. First it was 700, then 400 or so, now it's 4000. :laughing:

We'd still love ya, Edna, even if you only had one post. :inlove:

Apr. 2015:

I'm sure it will be smooth... ;)

I still remember how the server litterally ate some 4.000 posts of mine... :laughing: i would have been nearer of my 50.000 posts... :D

Jun. 2008:

Wow, Songfacts Great Server Crash of January, 2005 is a date we all remember... :stars: :stars: : We were lost!! E-mailing each other and suffering and so... :P I remember we posted all our e-mails when the boards came back to normal, just in case we had another crash... the withdrawal was terrible :doh:

UncleJoe, I remember you lost many posts... Radhi and Peachy too. I lost some 400 or so. I lost my original registration date as well.

Oct. 2005:

Thank you, Katie!! :):) I wouldn't be around if not for people like you and all my SF friends so my 11zillion posts (plus over 700 the ex-server ate ;) ) are dedicated to all of you.

I love you, my friends!!! :thumbsup: :bow: :bow:

Aug. 2005:

The server ate 700 of my posts during the last mess, but I post at such a speed that I didn´t even noticed it... :: If I get to be a shark will I get a free T-shirt or a warm message from the Administration? Don´t I deserve the "Speedfish" status?:beatnik:

nah, I´ m joking, I´m happy just to have the site working.

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