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2014 In Music


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DEAD THREAD? fear not - I will bring it back to life.

My favourite album of the year is, without doubt, the new Nothing (Guilty of Everything). Mmm, that noise, those waves, that distortion, the hooks, the intros, the closes - it's the closest I've got to a flawless new, non-clone shoegaze album.

Obviously, this will drop to second place once Flies on You is out.

Everyone else's album of the year is Real Estate's Atlas. It took me a few weeks to see why because I'm STILL mesmerised by the Nothing record, and not much else is registering.

I don't know if it was because I had to write about it or what but the Notwist's Close to the Glass was not really my cup of chai.

New Pure X (Angel) sounds great, great, great, though I'm still fonder of Heavy Air.

My beloved mainstream shoegazers Ringo Deathstarr came out with their third album - God's Dream - this year. It's good, though I have to say they lost something when they took up the more pop/twee Imagine Hearts sound and abandoned the darker Sparkler vibes.

Alcest's 'Shelter' was super disappointing on account of the fact that they're getting soft and losing the black metal influence that made them worth listening to.

Balthazar, who I don't really listen to, have a great song called 'Leipzig' that you might like if you're into old-fashioned harmonies. It's also a lovely song on its own, but the harmonies are hyper old-school.

Off the top of my head, that's my List of Notable Listens of 2014. Well, there are more, but I can't be bothered listing them.

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Yea, this thread died sadly. Partially my fault.

Quick run down of 2014 stuff you should know to this point:

Phil Beaudreau's (from Shaimus) "Ether" is amazing. Catchy and well written.

Nux Vomica's debut is easily the best metal album I've heard so far, some incredible black metal.

The War On Drugs' lost in the dream is fantastic. Beautifully written, sounds like an ode to the 80s with a unique twist. Sounds Dire Straits like at times too.

Yellow Ostrich's "Cosmos" is fantastic too, similar to Local Natives in sound.

St. Vincent's new album is probably the best I've heard from her so far.

Manchester Orchestra's new album "Cope" is just as good as I hoped it would be. Incredibly powerful.

Those are just a few, go listen to them! And also to the albums Levis recommended.

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*Injects adrenaline shot into the thread's heart :D

Has anyone heard Michael Bolton's latest album "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"? It's a collection of motown classics and he does a pretty good job with them. Leona Lewis sings on the title track with him and her harmonies are incredible, she even brings some new notes to the table!

Lana Del Rey's latest album "Ultraviolence" is a big highlight for me. It's far more consistent than her previous album, and I prefer the production of it. Better songs sung better.

Jack White's album "Lazaretto" is a great follow up to his debut solo album.

The Black Keys have churned out another album steeped in classic rock with "Turn Blue". The first song on it sounds similar to a very familiar Pink Floyd song, but if you can get past that and you enjoy a bit of classic rock now and again you'd probably enjoy it.

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Well... I may as well throw my two cents in. For hard rockers who normally look like this when listening to good tunes :rock: then I suggest "Magic Mountain" by Black Stone Cherry. It was released in the spring, but I didn't think anyone would care to listen to a Kentuky-based rock group. Since people seemed to like my nomination of "Blind Man" from a previous album, however, I decided to throw this album out there for hard rock fans. With the wild guitars, amazing drum-work & howling vocals these guys know how to rock. Give it a listen if you like banging your head and yelling. Can only imagine what these guys will do on stage during their upcoming tour...

Magic Mountain - Black Stone Cherry

:rockon: :drummer: :guitar:

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My favourite album of the year so far is Angel Olsen- "Burn Your Fire For No Witness".

Really excellent.

Good choice.

For anyone wondering, here's my top 20 of the year so far:

1. Benji - Sun Kil Moon

2. Ether - Phil Beaudreau

3. Lost In The Dream - The War On Drugs

4. Cosmos - Yellow Ostrich

5. Nux Vomica - Nux Vomica

6. Nikki Nack - tUnE-yArDs

7. Familiars - The Antlers

8. Morning Phase - Beck

9. ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin - The Roots

10. St. Vincent - St. Vincent

11. Cope - Manchester Orchestra

12. I Never Learn - Lykke Li

13. Post Tropical - James Vincent McMorrow

14. The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett - Eels

15. Blue Sunshine - U.S. Royalty

16. Eons - Mimicking Birds

17. Past Life - Lost In The Trees

18. The Alchemist - John Zorn

19. To Be Kind - Swans

20. Lazaretto - Jack White

Also, an honorable mention coming in at #21 is Arcade Fire member Richard Reed Parry's neo-classical piece "Music For Heart And Breath".

Go listen to these, it's worth it.

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