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I'm looking for a special song from the 80ies

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I have a song in mind for almost a month now and I can't find it. It makes me almost crazy :) Maybe someone of you can help. Would be great... I really would like to listen to this song!

what I can remember:

- I think it's a song from mid/end 80ies

- could be a one hit wonder

- it has long spoken parts with the voice from a boy who talks about what he wants to be when he's grown up

- it's a long list of jobs - i think he talks about being a fireman and an astronaut... and a lot of other things

- could be that he talks to his dad

- the music has an easy groove, kind of reggae

- i think the chorus is instrumental - a synth with a catchy melody played by something like a flute (or also a high synth)

- i think there is also a music video with a little boy, I think he's black but I'm not sure

I know it's not much information, but there are not so much well known spoken songs from the 80ies. Can you help me? Would be so good!



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thanks for the help but it's not "pass the dutchie". the song I look for has a reggae feel but it's not so obviously reggae like "pass the dutchie".

if you know the video: i think i remember that the boy changes clothes all the time. he wears all the different uniforms from the jobs he mentions.

someone got to know this song... i hope.

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Great job, PB! :thumbsup:

I never heard of that song until now.

It's titled "Hey Matthew" by Karel Fialka.

I looked it up just now and found it is from his 1988 album, Human Animal.

The song was a #9 hit on the UK Singles chart in Sep. 1987.

It was also a #29 hit on the U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in Feb. 1989.

The song incorporates some spoken vocals of Karel's step-son, Matthew.

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I feel like that bartender in Cheers when Norm comes in and orders a Screaming Viking. Just when you think you know every song...

Carl, do you want the cucumber bruised? :laughing:

Video Interlude:


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