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Usually when a new artist gets blown up by a bunch of hype I treat it with some skepticism, but Jake Bugg is the real deal. He's a British songwriter who is steeped in his influences, from Oasis to the Beatles to Dylan, but he definitely combines them into his own voice. I'd recommend this guy to the SF community, he could have come right out of the 60s.

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Very timely. That's a perfect example of a much-hyped album that didn't do much for me.

I felt the same at first, but the second half of the album is great. The first half is whatever, but the second half is very introspective and very well done.

For example, this song.

That being said, I didn't think the album was amazing or anything. Altogether, I thought it was pretty good.

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Youth Lagoon's "Wondrous Bughouse" is quite good. Lots of moving parts to it, a great example of neo-psychedelia.

Took me a couple listens to really appreciate it, one of those albums that to really get it, you have to stop and just listen to it. Good though, I enjoyed it.

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I've been a big Vampire Weekend fan since their very first single, and their third album might be their best yet. They've certainly managed to expand their sonic palette beyond "world's best Paul Simon tribute band".

I liked their most recent album a lot, but I kind of think I liked their last one a bit better.

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Understandable. I found him incredibly boring at first. When I saw "Overgrown" had come out, I was like "No, I shouldn't get it, I'm going to hate it" and then, after much debate, I got it, listened to it, and liked it.

Especially the song with RZA rapping, pretty cool song.

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