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The whole Samsung deal gives me a queasy feeling and I'm a little bored of hearing Jay-Z tell us how rich and awesome Jay-Z is. At least Kanye's ego is interesting.

I can understand that. The album strays a bit from that though, it's less about how awesome Jay-Z is, at least, not as much. The music is great at the very least. The only eye-roller is a song he does with Beyonce which is basically them saying to each other "You're awesome, no you're awesome, no you're awesome" but whatever. The rest is worth it.

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Jay-Z's new album "Magna Carta Holy Grail" is fantastic. Better than "The Blueprint 3" for sure.

Finally got to hear this, but couldn't get through it. The beats are fantastic, but after 7 or 8 songs where Jay reiterates his greatness, the lyrics are just too tiresome.

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