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So in my spare time, I enjoy sharing my rather large music collection. I enjoy make long, extensive playlists on the website 8tracks (here are the playlists I've made if you want to see them).

My problem is, I'm running out of ideas for playlists to make. Each year I do a best of the year playlist and I've also done a few other miscellaneous playlists. I'd like to make some more, but I've run out of ideas. Hence why I turn to you guys.

What are some good ideas for playlists? Playlists you'd like to hear or you think others would like to hear? For example, I've done a "Greatest Guitar Solos Of All Time" and a "Best Beatles Covers" playlist, so stuff like that.

So, any ideas?

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The Lyrical Dissonance Playlist - songs with music that doesn't match the lyrics.

"Take The Fifth" - only songs from an artist's fifth album are eligible.

Friend's iPod/iPhone playlist - In the course of a day, ask your friends what song is currently queued on their music player of choice, and make a playlist from that. You can start a thread here to get that done pretty quickly.

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