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Wonderful biog type prog about Jeff last

fri 5 oct on UK TV ... filmed for the most

part in his fabulous home overlooking LA ( I believe )

You could see a few sky scrapers in the distance.

We learned a lot about his life... teaming up

with Roy Wood for ELO ... Roy did nt hang around very long.

He showed us the guitar his dad bought him... for £2 and an antiquated tape recorder from the 60s which would actually allow him to multi-track !

What a brilliant guy, musician, song writer, producer.... performer.

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Loved those three or four lps from ELO'S prime\

I thought I was listening to classical music!

You were...and to rock and roll...what a marriage of sounds.

I was just telling a story last night that was lot's of fun when it happened. there was a classical rock station in New York city that was converting to Classic Rock. (It may have been WAPP-FM but i forget). Anyway, they were supposed to convert at 5 PM on a Friday. So those of use listening exactly at 5 heard Beethoven's 5th start playing instead of Classic Rock...turns out it was the first notes of ELO doing Roll Over Beethoven...when the Chuck Berry chords came ripping in...it was perfect.

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