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I just noticed that all posts being made are not in sync with the current time.

I've always had my Timezone in Display Settings set at GMT -0500 Eastern, which made all timestamps the same as my timezone.

I haven't changed my settings. It is still set for GMT -0500.

My posts and everyone's are showing as being posted 3 hours after they were made.

For example, I am typing this on Sunday, Sep. 30 at 10:40 PM here in Pennsylvania but when I submit it, it will show that I made the post tomorrow morning (Monday, Oct. 01 at 1:41 AM).

Any idea what happened?

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Oh well. This is what the system tells me:

Current Server Time 10-05-12 03:29 PM PDT

Current Time in GMT 10-05-12 10:29 PM

Current Local Time 10-05-12 11:29 PM (GMT +0100)

It's set up to be in Los Angeles timezone.

Hardware clock is set to: 03:29 PM

So i wonder where the problem comes from :)

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You got it, Carl! :bow:

Timestamps are correct now as long as I'm signed in to the message boards. :sing1:

I made this post at 8:16 PM Eastern U.S. Time on Oct. 10, and that's what shows when I'm logged in.

If I look at the message boards without signing in, it shows I made the post at 1:16 AM, Oct. 11.

That must mean the board is set up to show Greenwich Mean Time when we are not logged in. Is that correct?

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