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Per the site, the winner will be "notified by phone on or around May 21st". When we will find out I don't know, but will let you know as soon as I do.

I am overwhelmed by your response to this, and I can't find the right words to express myself. Thank you sure doesn't do it, and it loses it's meaning when it's just tossed around .... you guys are amazing. This is my nephew, I know how great he is. You all have nothing but your kindness and generosity propelling you

Now I will say it one more time - Thank you my friends!! :bow: :bow:

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:happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana:

So there are 3 finalists. Per the site - The 3 will be contacted by NMEDA in "the coming weeks" and the 3 Local Heros announced in early June. So they aren't going to drag it out forever - yay! :coolio:

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I just checked .... Kevin did not win. They chose 3 other deserving individuals, here are their stories:

2012 Winners

While I'm sad that Kevin did not win one of the vans, it does not diminish what a great young man he is, nor make him any less deserving. I also want to thank each of you again, for voting, for sharing the story with so many friends obviously, but also just for the outright caring you all showed during this thing. We know how many votes Kevin had. That's a lot more than just lip service, people took their time everyday to do this thing, and it's just heartwarming to see so many that cared, when they (and you) didn't have to. You just did, and I thank you SF'ers. You are some great friends.

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I just checked the link and those are deserving people indeed. It must be hard to have to choose from so many people who really need the help :crazy:

And as for the voting and advertising on Facebook I assure you it was no trouble at all. After all, what are friends for? :grin:

SF is more than SongFacts... it's also SupremeFriendships! :wink:

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