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Howard Jones

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Howard Jones people hear things in his songs that most of us don't - "No One Is to Blame" or "New Song" comes on and they turn it up, their mood lifting as the song progresses.

What I didn't realize about Howard is that he takes a distinctly positive approach to songwriting, which isn't easy to do. Most writers pull their inspiration from pain and conflict, but Howard's chemical makeup means he is generally upbeat, and that comes out in his songs. The genius is how he makes them deep, lasting and meaningful. For instance, "New Song" isn't just cheering us on, but examining the role of fear in our decision making and asking us to overcome the challenges that are unique to each of us.

At one point, Howard explains that in the '80s, journalists didn't talk about his songwriting, since they all asked about his haircut. At which point Dan says... "Speaking of hair, you had pretty puffy hair back then. Do you have any regrets as to hairstyle?"

Howard Jones interview

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