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Don Brewer of Grand Funk

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I did this one a while ago before we had a good system for posting the full interviews. Don is the drummer for Grand Funk, and also wrote a lot of their big hits, including "We're An American Band."

Don has a crazy amount of energy, which I guess he needed for all that touring in the '70s. While some people just let words fall out of them, Don would blast out solid responses with plenty of volume. It was also very good of him to speak with us at a time when most people hadn't heard of Songfacts and thought anything on the web would never be seen. Grand Funk is one of the great American rock bands, helping folks party it down since the '60s.

Don Brewer - Grand Funk

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I liked the interview, Carl... thank you... :cool:

I always learn somehting... in this case, I learned more than just one thing, but mainly when he speaks about the yellow vinyl (well, the non-black vinyl)

I had no idea about that!! :):) I should have known, I was in the business... :shades:

I also liked the end of the interview, how he speaks about Frank Zappa... :)

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Now that was a good interview. :thumbsup: I always liked "Inside Looking Out" And I never understood why "Grand Funk" would make a song like "We're An American Band" but now I know... I never thought of "Grand Funk Railroad" as a commercial band.I always liked the "Frank Zappa produced album "Good Singing And Good Playing" And I'm very happy that Don Brewer would say so many good things about "Zappa" :thumbsup: :drummer: Now I have to listen (again) to some "Grand Funk Railroad"

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