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American Idol Season 10

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I don't understand why the big shock when Pia got booted...Yeah she can belt it out, but she has no personality on stage....the others look more comfortable and entertaining....I don't care for Stefano too much...I like his name though...

Yea, I mean I thought Stefano did really well though.

What bothered me is how the judges weren't even thinking about what they were saying. They kept saying things like "This is unbelievable, I can't believe this is happening, you shouldn't be voted off" which was pretty much saying "HEY STEFANO, YOU SUCK AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT THEY'RE JUST STUPID AND CAN'T USE A PHONE"

Poor guy.

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What about James Durbin?

His voice, IMHO, runs circles around Travis Jr. and Yukon Cornelius.

They are all fabulous and I can't think how it could get better.

Gotta love raw talent. Even if the country-boy doesn't win, which he won't, he'll certainly be grabbed by aspiring country music songwriters and agents. He'll become a star anyway.

I've doubts about Yukon though I did like his upright bass capability coupled with one of my favourite CCR songs.

Durbin, he's the one that impresses me most.

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Oh, all you dudes talking smack against Steven Tyler.

I want you all to go right now and look in the mirror and ask yourself how you would look at sixty-three.

When you get to that age, if you're smart enough to then you'll see all the young dudes carry the news . . .

One thing for sure, you'll grow old one day too but by then it'll be you laughing at the young ones.

Ironic, isn't it?

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No! I was glad he went. He was a grinning weasel. I liked him at first, for his unusual voice, but I tired of it quickly. The only thing cool about him was his Nudie suits. Now Haley needs to go. Though she growls well, she can't carry a tune in a bucket.

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