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Trying To Drag More Money From Dad

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Flemington man wearing wig and makeup tries to force elderly father to give him $300K

By Hunterdon County Democrat

CLINTON TWP. — A 54-year-old Flemington man, wearing a wig and makeup, tried to force his father into giving him $300,000 and ended up arrested, police reported Thursday.

The younger man was charged with simple assault and criminal mischief, for pushing his father backwards over a television stand, “breaking it into many pieces,†police said.

Police involvement began Jan. 3 around 10:20 p.m., when Sgt. Michael Hafke and Patrolman Umair Latif responded to a township residence for a report of domestic violence. They determined that the Flemington man went to the home of his 78-year-old father here and asked that his father give him $300,000.

The father refused, pointing out that he had already given his son $20,000 over the last two weeks. When the son became persistent, the father asked him to leave but the son refused, police said. The father then attempted to guide the son out of the residence by the arm when the son pushed him into the TV.

The officers interviewed the son’s wife and the father’s fiancée. The son, after being arrested and charged, was released ROR. The father decided not to apply to the court for a temporary restraining order, police said.

Why the man was wearing a wig and makeup, police did not report. Clinton Twp. police have a policy of not releasing the names of people involved in domestic violence.

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I had a large 7-foot bookshelf full of books topple on me when I was trying to reach a book from the top shelf.

One teevee I had until the tube went out and smoke came out of it (I think I had it for 13 years). It was a good teevee :cool:

I can wallpaper my cubicle with degrees and certificates I received over the years. I hate school... but I got nuttin' better to do, so I'm in permanent session :beatnik:

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