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Paul McCartney on SNL

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Note to the producers of SNL. If you have Paul McCartney as the musical guest on your show and he wants to stick around past 1:00 am to play another song...please stay on the air with him. There is very little reason to watch SNL all the way until until 1:00 am during an average week. Surely there is nothing particularly compelling on NBC that comes on at 1:00am. Why oh why would you cut Paul McCartney off in the middle of him doing a "bonus" version of "Get Back"?

Could you all really be such imbeciles that you can't figure out that one of the world's musical icons has blessed you with another few minutes of a live, one-of-a-kind performance? I don't care if the majority of viewers were born 20 years after the Beatles broke up; ten years after John Lennon died...KEEP THE CAMERAS ROLLING!

If a football games runs long or a baseball game goes into extra innings you somehow have the common sense to stick with it. Yet, last night you thought it made sense to end the show in the middle of Paul's performance. I haven't watched an entire episode of SNL in years, Paul McCartney's appearance was enough for me the keep watching...but you morons cut the final performace off in the middle. Was the show going to run until 1:02 am? This is Paul Frickin' McCartney jackasses...don't cut away until he says he is done.


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I tuned in to SNL last night about 1/2 hour into it and had no idea Paul McCartney was on. I stopped to watch because of the other Paul. But damn, I'm glad I stayed. Me and my kid watched Paul M. and my kid was asking me questions about Paul and the Beatles and everything, because he's familiar now with a lot of the music due to Guitar Hero. Weird.

He also gave me some incredible insight as to what he thinks "Band On The Run" is all about. That's a song that has always confused me. :crazy:

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