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Flight Attendant Goes AWOL


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I heard about this story and thought it was hilarious.

A New York City judge has set bail - $2,500 - for the flight attendant who reportedly cursed out a passenger on an airplane public-address system, grabbed some beer from the galley and exited on an emergency slide.

Slater is charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing.

It wasn't clear if Slater would go free on bail.

Police say Slater lost his temper after a rule-breaking passenger insulted him, then apparently struck the flight attendant with a bag she was removing from the overhead luggage compartment.

Upset, Slater supposedly asked for an apology, and instead, the passenger told Slater off.

Authorities say Slater then got on the plane's public address system and announced: "To the passenger who called me a (expletive expletive, expletive) you!"

Slater's defense attorney Howard Turman tells a very different story.

At the arraignment, in arguing for freeing Slater without bail, Turman said his client was under stress because his mother has lung cancer.

Afterward, he told reporters the dispute had begun much earlier, when the flight to New York's JFK International was still waiting to take off from Pittsburgh, and two female passengers got into an argument over space in the overhead bins.

That's when Slater was struck in the head, Turman said.

The dispute flared up again after the plane landed in New York when one of the women, who had been asked to gate-check her bag, was enraged that it wasn't immediately available.

"The woman was outraged and cursed him out a great deal," Turman said. "At some point, I think he just wanted to avoid conflict with her."

Upset, Slater supposedly asked for an apology, and instead, the passenger told Slater off.

Whatever prompted it, Slater then apparently had some choice - and mostly, unprintable - words for all concerned, via the plane's public address system.

Slater departed the plane (and possibly his aviation career) by opening an exit door, inflating the plane's evacuation slide, and sliding away, with beer in hand.

Slater's actions drew some sympathy from the public.

By late morning, more than 13,000 people had "liked" a Facebook page set up in his honor, and commenters were lauding the flight attendant's stand and calling for the arrest of the disobedient passenger.

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I think their being a little hard on the guy myself. The women assaulted him first and he just got fed up. It's not like he smacked her or anything. He just cussed her out. Maybe in a creative kinda way but still...

Firing him seems like an appropriate punishment to me, but our news casts say he faces a possible seven years in jail.

If he got arrested so should she. If she would have been a man I'll bet there would have been consequence for him as well.

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IMO, although he was angry that the woman told him off, he still acted in an unprofessional manner and deserved to be fired.

Come on, using the intercom system so everyone could here him loudly was childish and grabbing a beer and activating the emergency slide was a stupid move of show-boating that cost him his job and possibly his career. (Hey, everyone! Look at meeeeeeeeeee!)

Who's going to want to hire this guy now.

He let his emotions control him instead of him controlling his emotions.

I wouldn't want someone like that flying the plane I was on.

I'm sure the woman was prolly acting like an a**hole instead of complaining to him in a civil manner but listening to people complain and handling it professionally is all part of public relations in a job.

He could have and should have contacted security if she was causing a commotion.

Today, you must act like an employer expects you to act under all circumstances or they'll show you the door.


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And you are pretty much absolutely correct .... but haven't we all been in the position of wishing that we could do something like this? I know I have. And now this guy has done it for me. Although he was ultimately wrong in what he did (of course he was), I'm enjoying the h*ll out of the fact that he did it. :D

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