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beginning or end? chorus or verse?


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Some time ago I saw a post asking about songs in which the title was the last line and was only heard that one time. The person said there were three songs in which this occurred (which can't be true), mentioning Virginia Plain by Roxy Music and another that I can't remember. A followup post offered The Famous Final Scene by Bob Seger as an example, and I subsequently thought of Let's Go To Bed by The Cure as another one. Who can think of more?

OK, then, after that I heard a Weezer song called El Scorcho. In this song the title is the first phrase heard and is not repeated again. I cannot think of another song like this. For a million dollars(right),can you?

One more variation, how many songs can you name that have no chorus--think Drive by REM and Photograph by Ringo Starr (for those over 40!) Others?


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