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Happy Birthday Farin!


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It wouldn't be Martin's birthday unless I was fashionably late. :shades:

I baked you a birthday cake with lots of physalissessess...:grin:


And it has become a tradition of sorts for Mr. Vedder to sing a song for the birthday boy.


Hasfhjyrlky bfhjdkeuksruyioaaaay to you,

Hasfhjyrlky bfhjdkeuksruyioaaaay to you,

Hasfhjyrlky bfhjdkeuksruyioaaaay,

dearest Mardshkuekdftin,

Hasfhjyrlky bfhjdkeuksruyioaaaay to

Yooooouuuuuulajdhfheuhkbd skjfeksruk.......

Love you, marvelous Martin. Hope it was a wonderful day!

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I know I know, your birthday just wasn't the same without me, and I hope you still managed to have some fun, and I really am sorry... So I got you a really exclusive holiday, including

a fun ride on the party bus


to the beach


Then, if you're lucky, you might get a table at the best restaurant in town


And to round off your day, you'll get VIP access to a small, intimate performance by an unnamed performer.


Awesome! :happybanana:

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