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Pink Floyd - The Wall

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The Wall is one of the few Pink Floyd albums I can honestly say I can't stand. There's only about 6 songs on the whole thing I like.

Too much Roger, not enough Pink Floyd.


Definitely not my favorite, but I like it for the most part. My favorite Floyd album would probably either be Wish You Were Here or Meddle

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That's probably because by then Roger Waters was doing all the songwriting and Richard Wright was on his way out...I still like it...one of the craziest concerts I ever saw (and I saw it twice) ...never really saw the whole band together because of that wall...and I like "Meddle" "Wish you were here" and "Animals" ...and I mean "Dark Side of the Moon" is still a good one

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The wall was more a concept than a piece of work.

Who can deny the epic proportions of how Another Brick in the Wall came together through its prologue, sequence and epilogue?

I agree it wasn't their best effort but may I remind you of the other masterpieces produced by them that you're comparing the Wall to?

Sometimes, perfection is a hard act to follow.

Drastically, the Wall was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anytime I see marching hammers... I look for my box of nails hoping the heads are facing the same way.


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yeah,MT has it right...How can you top "Dark Side of the Moon"? Or "Wish You Were Here"? And Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett...I also like the very early stuff...Syd Barrett was a really good guitar player,writer...but unfortunately...the band moved on...Syd stayed behind...I mean "The Wall"...as a concept isn't my favorite Pink Floyd...I actually like the "Final Cut"...not the Pink Floyd I'm used too...but the music's good...and Pink Floyd minus Water's is actually pretty good...lot's of Gilmour (and other folks too) I saw them twice...took my kids...still a good light show...No Wall..."Thank God" :content:

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