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Name That Songfactor

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So how well do you know your fellow songfactors?...I thought maybe it was time for a new game...Let me know if you think this will be fun. Post a little known fact about a fellow songfactor. The next poster to get it right will in turn post a fact about another songfactor...and so on...

I'll start out with an easy one...

This songfactor bakes some delicious brownies....

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His parents named him well :D It makes me think of a cute little leprechaun when I think of it :laughing:

This songfactor -who is form Italian origin- knows how to be happy and make the others happy... she loves life!

Humm... kinda sounds like Laruie.

Name the SF'er you'd love to spend an afernoon with (if she could squeeze you in) because you think she has had an amazing life and would have great stories she could tell not to mention, the places she could show you :D

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