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Tangerine Dream

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Since I've not seen Legend for sometime I can't remember the song you are referring to. I have, however, always enjoyed the new age sound of Tangerine Dream. They have composed soundtracks for countless movies.

Below you'll find their track listing for Legend:

1. Is Your Love Enough - Bryan Ferry

2. Opening

3. Cottage

4. Unicorn Theme

5. Goblins

6. Fairies

7. Loved By The Sun - Jon Anderson

8. Blue Room

9. The Dance

10. Darkness

11. The Kitchen/Unicorn Theme (Reprise)

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I dont think Tangerine Dream ever had any lyrics. Has their music been in any other movies? I love TD.

Jon Anderson wrote and sings the lyrics to "Loved by the Sun." I'm not sure if Tangerine Dream wrote the music and then Anderson wrote lyrics to it, or if they wrote the song together.

I did a soundtrack search for Tangerine Dream on IMDB.com and came up with these results:

Du bi quan wang da po xue di zi (1975)

Performed by Tangerine Dream


Ghost Dad (1990)

Performed by Tangerine Dream


Keep, The (1983)

Arranged by Tangerine Dream


Legend (1985)

Music by Tangerine Dream

Performed by Jon Anderson (I) with Tangerine Dream

Produced by David Tickle and Tangerine Dream


Tatort - Das Mädchen auf der Treppe (1982) (TV)

Written by Tangerine Dream

Performed by Tangerine Dream


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