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One more trivia question

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Smokey Robinson?

I'll need to cheat and check the facts on this.


This looks tricky.

Although Bob Dylan once called Smokey Robinson "America's greatest living poet", I can't find any Dylan recording of a song written by Robinson.

The Beatles covered You Really Got A Hold On Me and the Stones did Going To A Go-Go , but still see nothing (except praise) from Dylan.

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How about Chuck Berry?

I believe Chuck Berry is correct so I agree with Bluesboy.

The Rolling Stones did alot of Chuck Berry tunes. Ones that I can come up with is Around and Around, Back In The USA, Bye Bye Johnny, Carol, Come On, Down the Road Apiece, Let It Rock, Little Queenie, I'm Talkin' Bout You & You Can't Catch Me.

The Beatles did Carol, I'm Talkin' Bout You, Johhny B. Goode & Little Queenie.

Bob Dylan did Nadine.

Keep in mind these were all covers and I do not believe any of the songs were written for the three acts mentioned.

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You don't have to go outside the EMI catalog to find evidence of the Beatles doing Berry songs. "Beethoven" and "R&R Music" were readily available on their early albums. And certainly the Stones released plenty of Berry on their legitimate EP's and LP's in 1963/4. But the "Nadine" recording by Dylan is an asterisk to be generous. It's a bootleg of a drunken 1993 performance at a bar with some members of The Band.

Guess we have to give it to you on a technicality.

To rephrase the question, then....which songwriter had songs recorded by all three acts on major label product?

It's not Chuck Berry......

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