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Who is that?


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Echo & The Bunnymen :doh:

One of my fav bands, I saw them live...

and didn't recognize them... :P

Ian McCullouch and Will Seargent, yes... :cool:

I saw them too, I met them in 1984 or 85, they came to Spain to perform a whole concert for the live show on TV I worked in by then... they were nice, specially Pete De Freitas, we had some drinks after the shows...

The picture you posted... :P

Lily Allen?

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Here's the complete band.

Oh and they are originally from Montreal, Canada

which I was unaware of.

YS, it would be nice if you checked out the facts of what you're posting first and also make a mention when you post only a few members.

This is the 2nd wild goose chase you've sent me on this week because of wrong info. :susel:

Here I was, searching for a trio from the U.S. :doh:

I'm sending you the bill for my carpal tunnel treatments now, buddy. :P

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relax, Brad - it's not like we're playing about money or something here :D

Maybe not, Farin, but my time is money.

($)Ka-ching! :)

I'm working on your video post right now...and if or when I figure it out, I would like cash please.

No checks, no coupons, no green stamps...just cash, cash, cash!($) :D

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