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Has anyone ever heard of Woodstock Festival?

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Has anyone else seen the bit on the news about the famous embracing couple from the soundtrack's cover? They are still married with children this many years later, and presumably very happily. What a memory, and lifelong symbol of their love, having that picture. They have it blown up & hanging on the wall of their home.

I saw it... that was really cool... :cool:

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I have been looking for it but no way... :P

I know some songfactors were there... now, I hope our young friends find the thread...

Was it Bluesboy or maybe Bazooka...? Jim in Pa? RonS2V?


I was in the Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam) at the time of Woodstock. But, I did get back to the states in time to attend the Atlanta Pop Festival in 1970. That was the last of the "Woodstock-type" mega-gatherings (about 350,000 young people.) Very rustic, in the open country, no major facilities, no big screen TV, state-of-the-art lighting or pyrotechnics. Just good music from a bunch of bands not too full of themselves yet to go rough it.

I wrote a bit about it in another thread, somewhere here.

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