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Battle of the initialed Bands


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COC: Corrosion Of Conformity

POD: Powers Of Destruction (I think?)

DK: Dead Kennedys

TSOL: most ppl believe it The Sons Of Liberty, but if you hear any of their songs youll find out this is not true.

KMFDM: Kein Mitleid Für Die Mehrheit (no pity for the majority in german)

NIN: Nine Inch Nails

UFO: Unidentified Flying Object :: :: ::

I might come back with some more

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DEVO - shortened form of "de-evolution" - the opposite of evolution - expressing the band's opinion on what the planet is going through.

WASP - We Are Sexual Perverts


SOD - Stormtroopers of Death

REM (scott knows this one)

AC/DC - 1) It is said that one of the band members saw it on an appliance (a vacuum cleaner I think it was) and thought it had something to do with power. (It does mean "alternating current / direct current".) The band used it not realizing it was also slang for a bisexual- the band claims NOT to be bisexual.

2) In the vogue of other anti-everything bands it stands for Against Christ/Devil's Children.

STP - Stone Temple Pilots

U2 - Three possibilities: 1) A type of spy plane used by the United States in the 1960's - made famous when Gary Powers' U2 plane was shot down over Russia and he was taken as a prisoner during the Cold War. 2) U2 as in "you too" referring to the audience and its role in the musical experience 3) a U2 is an unemployment form in Ireland

B-52's - The beehive hairstyle popular in the 1950's (worn by band members) was called a B-52 after a type of large US Air Force bomber plane with that designation.

AWB - Average White Band

DMX - Dark Man X

LL COOL J - Ladies Love Cool James

REO SPEEDWAGON - the name of a fire engine made by Oldsmobile in the 1930's. "R.E.O." was the initials of Ransom Elliot Olds, the founder of the Oldsmobile Car Company.

10 CC - the average amount of ejaculate from a healthy male.

TLC - nicknames of band members: Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez and Rozonda is "Chilli" Actually Crystal was going to be the C of TLC, but when they auditioned for Laface, an exec didn't like Crystal's voice, so they replaced her with "Chilli". TLC was going to originally stand for Tionne, Left Eye and Crystal. The idea of "Tender Loving Care" must have worked for them too.

UB40 - Code number of a form people in Britain have to fill out to receive public assistance or welfare. Known in the UK as a signing-off form when you get a job. Hence the title of their first album Signing Off.

ZZ TOP - taken from the name of a Texas Blues man ZZ Hill. Though a rumor is that they got their name by combining Zig Zag and Top, two well known brands of "cigarette" rolling papers.

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The initials of all their first names. I heard once that KISS stands for knight's in satan's service. But anyone who paints their face like a kitty and smiles like a dork while tapping on the drums could be that satanic. I don't think that's what KISS stands for. CSNY! Good one.

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They are more innovative musically than ELO. But, don't get me wrong, there was a time, not to long ago, when ELO was my favorite band. They are still up there. I love ELO, and Telephone Line was great. I also like Waterfall a lot too. That's not to common of an ELO song, but it's one of my favorites.

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Oh, so my explaination wasn't good enough for you?

Your explanation was just fine without I. :)

How weird that all of our posts occured at almost the same time.

I think perhaps this happened again when I made the ABBA post because I only saw cosmosis' ABBA post. Sorry for the misunderstanding and as been said before, "GMTA."

Oh, KISS was also rumored to stand for "Keep It Simple Stupid."

EDIT Well look at me, I'm an ocean flower. How sweet, until you touch a tentacle. One thing about sea anemones, they never need watering, just an occasional hermit crab to latch onto for a symbiotic relationship, conversation and table scraps. ::


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Don't Bring Down was ok. Just a little too flamboyant. Getting rid of their string section was a mistake, although I did like the song Twilight. On second thought, they did Time when they had the strings, right?

{edit: I forgot to add in Shangri-La, on A New World Record. That is my favorite song on the record. Probably the most complicated, and most well-recorded.}

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