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Help me plz!!!!!


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Well, you could cut one out real small and tape it to the screen, or you could just goto "My Home", then "Personal information, email, password, etc.", then scroll down to the part where it says either picture URL, or it has a browse button. If you want to use a picture you have on your computer, then click the browse button and find it. If you want to use one that is already on the internet, put its URL (internet address) into the bar that says "URL of picture"

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Whew, they are back. I would hate to think the little guys killed one another. Maybe it was that old Blue Moon!

:stars: :rockon:

Now that I have figured out how to get the icon under my name, take a look at it. Is it any wonder that Jhonny Depp said he took his inspiration for Pirates of the Carribean from Keith Richards and Pepe LePew?

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Thanks. :: It was hard to find anything Stones-related that isn't copyrighted so that I could snatch it. This is a graphite drawing by Joe McKeller. It was taken from a famous Rolling Stone(mag)cover. He's got several drawings on the site I got this from. He's got talent. Check out stones.net/art.htm

Ok, next question- how do you copy web addresses to your post like I see in other's, instead of typing it out like I did? You see I really am challenged! :stars:

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