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Riffs on guitar or bass or on keys, or even fills on drums. A riff in a song that just makes you say "Man, that was cool." Post 'em here. I like that one bass riff in Maxwell's Silver Hammer between the verse and chorus. The synthesizer plays it the first time, then the bass the second. Also, there is this one really fast riff in Sultans of Swing by The Dire Straits, towards the end of the guitar solo, that sounds really cool. And in the end of The Thin Ice by Pink Floyd, David Gilmour plays this really simple but cool riff. It's when it starts doing the melody to Goodbye Blue Sky (sort of) in a kind of minor key. Then he hits an unexpectedly high note on his guitar. I love that. And then there is the bass riff I Want You/She's So Heavy, right after it hits that diminished chord and the organ is blaring, and then the bass does that little ditty that leads it into She's So Heavy. Those are just a few I can think of right now.

{I'm adding this in an edit. I love the disjointed, classical sound of the one riff between the first chorus and second verse of See Emily Play played on guitar and some toy sounding piano. Early Pink Floyd were the riff masters!}

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I hear from a lot of people that The Red Hot Chili Peppers are good. Maybe I should get into them. Anyone have any songs on their computer they could send me? IM me on aim though please, my email account deactivated itself, and my other account is backed up with spam. My screen name is Grebulous. I would also like to add my love for the riff, just four notes, but really cool, in Into The Mystic by Van Morrison. It's right before he says "And when that foghorn blows." If you've heard the song you'll know what I'm talking about.

{Edit: And while we are on the subject of Van Morrison, just listen to the song Domino. That song is riffs galore. And they all kick anus.}

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